“We are changing the way content and resources reach and represent women of color, consistently informing our audience through our content and starting conversation that impact us the most.”

Hey, sis!

The days of endless online searches to find resources FOR women of color, BY women of color are over. Here at MELANIN MOI, we find it very important to deliver useful tips, tricks, and resources to women of color, so that they don’t have to scour the World Wide Web to find it. It’s all here. We take pride in our content, from curating unique in-person experiences, to showcasing original stories and features, reaching the masses of women who look like us and share our interests. Our audience is comprised of women who desire to look and feel good from the inside out; determined to find solutions to the every day struggles of being a woman of color. From product reviews, to video tutorials, and answering questions our readers have. We cover it all.

So, what is MELANIN MOI?

MELANIN MOI is a space that sees and appreciates you for who are in this moment, and hopes to support you in becoming the best version of yourself. We hope to contribute to your growth through our content by providing all that you need to live your best life. MELANIN MOI persona: She loves to look her best and feel her best. She is definitely not shy in embracing her flaws, as she knows they are the best parts of who she is. She’s curious, in the know, and is most comfortable in spaces where she sees herself.

We are changing the way that content and resources reach and represent women of color, dedicated to informing our audience and starting the conversations that impact us the most. Whether we’re collectively connecting at local events, sharing relatable and honest product reviews, or providing detailed video tutorials, MELANIN MOI promises to always provide genuine content and experiences.

“Be inspired. Be informed. Be entertained. Be seen. Welcome to a community designed just for you.
Here’s to the women that are endlessly creating themselves.”