Learn more about how we connect with our community of beauty, wellness, and lifestyle enthusiasts in real life.


Mindful movement meetup with peloton + lyft

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and our commitment to fostering well-being within our community, we hosted a paneling discussions, meditation session and networking mixer in partnership with Peloton and Lyft

Ready, Set, GLOW

In honor of Women’s History Month and the dawn of a new year, we hosted a panel and networking mixer, all themed around the art of “glowing up.” Our distinguished panelists shared their favorite beauty and self-care routines, preferred products, and  tips for achieving both physical and mental glow-ups.

the beauty supply at afrotech

We are an Official AfroTech Event Partner and hosted a panel with beauty professionals to learn more about the intersection of technology and beauty. In partnership with eleMINT Skin Studio, we offered professional makeup and skincare services.


Annually, our community comes together to delve into the worlds of hair, makeup, skincare, and wellness. This event offers expert-led sessions and live tutorials by passionate beauty enthusiasts, highlighting the latest industry trends. Additionally, it serves as a platform for both established and up-and-coming beauty entrepreneurs to showcase their latest collections.

Rose md & melanin moi

We partnered with Rosemarie Ingleton, the Medical Director of Ingleton Dermatology and founder of RoseMD, to spearhead an enlightening fireside chat and one-on-one skincare consultations with event attendees. Dr. Ingleton not only shared her expertise but also emphasized best practices specifically tailored for melanin-rich skin, enriching our audience with valuable insights and personalized guidance in the realm of skincare.