Ultimate Guide to Fun At Home DIY Activities

If you’re like me (and everyone else in the country) you’re probably bored in the house and in the house bored. We’re a year into quarantine and at this point, you’ve probably watched every episode of Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, and Moesha…maybe even more than once. I’m not judging.

This whole panoramic thing is getting old, but as long as we’re stuck in it, we’re gonna need to do something to keep us busy. I’ve put together a guide on a bunch of fun DIY projects you can get into when you’re looking to do something a little different. Who’s bored? Not you!

Upgrade Your Closet, DIY Style

Girl, why spend money at the store when you have all the time in the world to make your own fashion pieces?! You don’t need to be the next Hanifa to make something beautiful and fashionable. From clutches to crop top sets, you might need to start selling your pieces on Etsy and join LLC Twitter by the time you get started!

Cinderella mouse threading a needle (DIY)

Make a Leopard Fold-Over Clutch

Embroidery Tote Bag Kit 

Cut a Crop Top and Cardigan set

DIY Clothes Rack

Pull an HGTV on your crib

You’ve been staring at the same bare walls and furniture for a year now, so refreshing your space is not a bad idea. And while we love a good trip to West Elm, ain’t nobody trying to spend that much money. So, roll up your sleeves and do some DIY redecorating to spruce your space up. You don’t have anywhere to be, girl.

Gif of frustrated Black man and woman trying to build a DIY stool

Create a Furry Stool 

Design A Floor Pouf

Rope Star Statement Mirror

Make a Floating Bookshelf

Build A Reading Nook

Add a DIY Session into your weekend wellness activities

Self-care has never been more important and while we could all use a good spa day, you don’t have to venture out to treat yourself to indulgence and luxury. Pull together a few of these DIY activities to add to your self-care weekend and love on yourself!

Mix a Candle Making Kit

Dried Flowers Soap Making Kit

Paint by Shadows Kit

DIY Lip Balm

DIY Coffee Mug

DIY Resin Coasters

If there’s ever a time to get in your DIY bag, it’s in a quarantine winter. Try one of these projects or check out some more fun ideas on Pinterest and create something beautiful that you can be proud of!