5 Fitness Influencers to Follow for True Workout Results

It is the middle of summer, and we are still under quarantine – ‘tis the time for you to work on that goal body, girl! While there has been much social media pressure to come out of quarantine with a new mindset, new business, new body, etc. I am here to let you know that you do not need to adhere to that. However, you should follow some type of regimen that will get you moving and active to release stress. Whether you are someone who is first starting their workout journey and overwhelmed with where to turn or someone who has been at it for a few months, I have 5 fitness influencers that you can follow for true workout results. These women provide simple workouts and meal plans that will level up your fitness journey – and they are all Black women!

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Koboko Fitness (YouTube: Koboko Fitness)

Koboko’s workouts instantly put me in a good mood. While most times difficult, she includes encouraging voiceovers in her videos that are uplifting and really make me feel like I won’t pass out on the fifth set! This queen creates a ton of content per week, ranging from quick 10 minute at home workouts to full body workouts. She also arranges her videos by specific target areas, so it is pretty seamless to schedule workout days and what part of the body one wants to focus on for the day.

Jade Venecia (YouTube: Jade Venecia)

I stumbled upon this young queen in February when I was easing back into working out after a major surgery. Her channel is broken down into playlists that range from cardio/HIIT workouts to dieting tips, which allowed me to create a workout plan for the day based on her videos. She also provides amenities like a timer in her videos, so I did not have to keep reaching out for my phone in between sets. Jade demonstrates how to do each workout effectively so that you can get the best results.

Anelsa Active (Instagram: @anelsaactive)

This queen approaches fitness from the angle of mental wellness. Her Instagram page, while filled with numerous workout videos, features gratitude videos where she sets her intentions for the day. In creating this reflective space before physical activity, Anelsa allows herself and her followers to reflect on their “why” – Why are you working out? What is your goal? How can that be reflected in other aspects of your life? Anelsa also has free live workout classes starting July 20th (sign up, sis!) and many videos about her plant-based lifestyle.

QiQi H. (Instagram: @theqii_tofitness)

QiQi’s journey and Instagram page is extremely relatable and that is why I follow her. She is a curvy queen with thick thighs and is unapologetic about it; she does not allow people to shame her for not being super thin. QiQi’s videos are easy to follow and you can do it with t with materials found in your home such gallons of water, a chair, and a broom! Her videos range from beginner cardio to extreme HIIT and toning workouts. She also has a “What I Eat” highlights compilation where she shows her regular meals — she eats carbs, sis!

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Capri Curves (Instagram: @capricurves)

If you don’t know about or follow Capri Curves, what is you doing?! Close this page right now, go straight to IG, and follow her; she is IT! On her page, Capri has videos of workouts that she typically performs at the gym or outside, but most of her page contains transformation photos of women who participated in a monthly contest as part of her “Keep The Curves, Drop The Fat” program. Baby let me tell you, that program is hard but so worth it! Her program is a simple yet effective month-long starter guide on how to drop the fat but keep (or in my case, create!) your curves. It features a holistic workout plan for each day throughout the month and a meal prepping guide. Capri’s program is priced at $50 and guess what? You get to keep the plan forever! That means that whenever you fall off the wagon, you will still have Capri and her plan to help you in continuing your journey!

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I just dropped major gems in this article with 5 amazing fitness influencers who will get you right and tight, no matter what skill level you are currently at. If you find that you have some spare time in your day, follow these fitness gurus and watch one of their videos – I promise you that you won’t regret it. Good luck on your journey!