How to Make Your Room a Vibe in Six Steps

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she turns 25 and she claims to have a quarter-life crisis (…she is me). I figured the best way for me to handle this quarter-life crisis was to deal with it head on and prepare myself. If I’m going to have a crisis, I should at least set myself up for the most comfortable crisis ever, and that my friends begins with redoing your room. Your room is your sanctuary; it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see when you shut your lights off at night. It sets your mood and your room should to make you feel your best, relaxed self. *Woosah*

Here is how I turned my room that was filled with my childhood, childish decorations and college dorm pieces into a whole vibe.


Step 1.
Determine YOUR vibe
I know that I like things simple. Simple foods, simple sneakers, simple make up, so a simple, clean, mature room made the most sense for me. I made a pinterest board that inspired my look.

Step 2.
Create a mood board or visual reference of for your room vibe. I chose to use pinterest, I searched “simple rooms” and searched and picked images that best fit the look I wanted.

Step 3.
Save and determine your budget. Accomplish your room look with your budget.
I had to cancel my birthday trip thanks to Miss Rona, so I used most of those travel funds for my new room. I made a list of everything I would need and put an estimated price, found areas where I could get creative and cut costs (painting my own room art, and painting my bed from white to a dark bronze instead of purchasing a whole new frame). I included a task rabbit in this budget as well and my budget was 800$ and I spent 600$ total by only purchasing what I needed from Target and Amazon.

Step 4.
Get. To. Work.
I was so excited about this that I committed 2 days of non stop reorganizing and decorating, to completely commit to this I hired and scheduled a Task Rabbit at 9:00 am, and took off of work.
I got the Task Rabbits for mounting my TV and shelves, and……I may have hired a Task Rabbit to help me reorganize my closet and get rid of old clothes…It took us a total of four hours with few breaks.
At first I was embarrassed by this but I knew I really needed help and it’s okay to ask for help and it was worth it!
I painted my bed which took about two hours. Repainted my art work which took another two hours. Cleaned every inch of my room because I can’t be dealing with dust bunnies.

Step 5.
Finishing touches.

My finishing touches involved one Target run. I realized I forgot little things like candles, a Fire Stick for my TV, wall hangers for my art.

Step 6.
Tip your Task Rabbits, pour up your wine, play some tunes, and look around at the vibe that you just set for yourself. This is your space and now it represents you. Crisis averted!