Accounts We Love: Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Daily Motivation and Inspiration

Sure, Instagram is known for hi-def, crystal clear photos of our favorite celebrities and influencers, but we can also use it for so much more. There’s a world full of content creators dedicated to inspiring and uplifting us with their words and art. So, here are some of our favorite accounts that are celebrating us, motivating us, and showing us how to be our best selves.

Alex Elle

Alex Elle is an author whose Instagram account provides a dose of healing medicine in every post. She jots down reminders on translucent sticky notes, reminding us daily to speak love, healing and peace over our lives. Follow her here.


Tabitha Brown

By now, most of us know Tabitha as the social media mom who speaks inspiration and positivity in her memorable voice. Her feed is also teeming with vegan recipe ideas that can convince even the biggest skeptic. So if you’re looking for an account that nourishes your heart, your mind, and your belly, follow our favorite social media mom here.

Morgan Harper Nichols

With over 1 million followers, Morgan Harper Nichols (or MHN as she signs her work) combines art and words to create stunning visuals that say just what you need to hear. Her beautiful posts remind us that we are brave even when we don’t feel it and that we’re growing through all the peaks and valleys of life. Check out her work here.


The Good Quote

With over 20 million followers, The Good Quote shares nuggets of wisdom from rappers, poets, proverbs, and inspirational leaders. Meggan Roxanne, creator of the Good Quote, started the account to advocate for mental health and self-development through the wise words of others. This is the perfect account if you want to fill your feed with knowledge and motivation. Follow the account here.

Lalah Delia

Vogue, The Cut and Goop have featured Lalah Delia and her dedication to helping people vibrate higher in their body, mind, and spirit. Aside from her daily content that teaches us how to care for our soul, her link in bio also contains meditations and playlists. You can also subscribe to her Sacred Sundays newsletter for a weekly dose of “soul medicine”. Follow her here.


Yasmin Cheyenne

Yasmin is a teacher and mental health advocate who practices healing as a form of activism. She also uses her Instagram to share advice and resources that help us protect our energy and wellbeing, helping us to break away from habits, people, and environments that no longer serve us. Follow her here.

Tori Player

Tori Player’s feed is filled with drawings of black women paired with affirmations and manifestations that make us feel seen. She also offers a physical affirmation card deck that can be used for morning meditations, journal prompts, or just inspiration as you go about your day. Follow this account if you need a little love and representation on your timeline.


Cleo Wade

New York Magazine calls her the “Millennial Oprah” and Time Magazine dubbed her the poet of her generation. Cleo Wade’s feed is full with poems, prose and affirmations that remind us of our worth. Follow her here.

Brown Girl Self Care

Brown Girl Self Care is a podcast focused on healing and self-care for Black women. But, the podcast’s Instagram account also reminds us that our health and joy are radical and necessary for our survival. Brown Girl Self Care is on a mission to make healing from trauma an everyday practice for Black women. Follow them here.

The Female Hustlers

With over 3 million followers, The Female Hustlers is that friend who pushes you to boss up your life every day. This account will motivate you to keep going after your dreams, to push yourself when things get hard, and to support like-minded boss babes in the process. Follow them here.