The Black Vote, a Black Agenda, and the Democratic Party


? They don’t feel like the government does anything for them. That is why a Black agenda and appealing to Blacks is important. If the goal is to invigorate young Black voters, you have to give them something. It is common knowledge that the Republican Party and White supremacist have pushed voter suppression, the Republican National Committee is suing California to cease vote-by-mail. The modern Republican Party has not advocated or advanced a Black agenda. However, if the people who are needed to make a difference in the elections don’t feel like the government is doing anything for them, why would they vote?


Do I want more young people, especially Black men and women to vote? Yes! Nevertheless, how can I speak to the young men and women in my community and implore them to get out and vote, when they feel they won’t be impacted by whomever is elected President?


On a macro level, who is elected President is very important. Presidents nominate Supreme Court justices and other federal judges, grant pardons, sign legislation into law, commands the military, and negotiates with other countries. But on a micro level, that may or may not affect an individual living in an extremely Democratic state, such as Massachusetts or Washington.


As a New Yorker, I can understand this. I look at stereotypical Republican states such as, Florida, or Georgia and think, “damn, that’s a fucked-up state”. I have an opinion on the atrocities that occur there, but do the laws in Florida have any effect on my life? No.


Many Black constituents were revitalized and energized when Barack Obama ran for President,  because they thought THIS would be the time that their voices were heard, and that meaningful legislation (specifically benefiting Black people) would get passed.


If Joe Biden, or any Democratic (or Republican) Presidential nominee seeks to excite voting age Blacks enough to increase voter turnout, they will HAVE to appeal to the needs and wants of Black America.


This is why it is imperative that presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden choose a Black woman as his running mate. A Black woman running mate would signal to Black voters that Joe Biden doesn’t take the Black vote for advantage, and that he sincerely cares about quality of life for Blacks.


Amy Klobuchar? She ain’t it. Think about it, a white Senator of Minnesota, who hasn’t done much (if anything) for the few Blacks (7%) in her state. First of all, how many Black people do you know from Minnesota? Shouldn’t we AT LEAST have someone with experience advocating for constituents that don’t look like them? What has Amy Klobuchar done to appeal to Black people?


Pair Amy Klobuchar with the fact that Joe Biden is a moderate Democrat, who doesn’t appeal to many young voters, it’s a recipe for disaster. Yes, it is CERTAINLY a better predicament for Blacks, however, we shouldn’t always have to choose, “the lesser of two evils”. It’s not about comparing Trump to Biden, there is no comparison. It is common knowledge that Trump is a racist, sexist, bigot, that cares nothing about this country and everything about lining his own pockets.


And for those who say why a Black woman? A Black woman will champion for ALL people of color.


Many have said, not now, wait your turn, but we have been waiting for hundreds of years, and to what avail? Black men, women, AND children are still getting lynched in the streets, in their homes, at the park. Blacks are still being targeted for minor offenses, such as violating social distancing laws, and marijuana possession. The prison industrial complex is working to dismantle families. We cannot accept people telling us to wait. Why not now? Truth be told, the ONLY answer for why not now, is because THEY (and you know who they are) don’t feel we are worthy of humanity.


How do you tell Black people that their lives matter, and then choose a running mate who as Chief prosecutor in Minnesota, refused to file charges against multiple officers, that were involved in shootings, resulting in the death of individuals? How do you tell Black people that their lives matter and then choose a running mate that when running her own campaign for Presidency, seldom interviewed with Black journalist? It’s not enough to say Black lives matter, and then put our needs on the backburner, the time for us, is now.