7 Holiday Party Do’s & Don’ts

Finding the right look for your office holiday party doesn’t have to be hard at all. In all honesty it’s about balance. To make sure you are dressed and ready to impress at your office holiday party, we created the list of do’s and don’ts to help guide you with your look. 


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Do kick it up a notch compared to what you’d usually wear to the office             

Don’t dress as if you’re heading to a red carpet event or the club

The holiday office party is the one day of the year that you really get to show your coworkers your personality through your style. Of course, you can let your hair down and bring out the sparkly dress that just screams ‘holiday party,” but with some restrictions. Leave the mini dresses and ball gowns in your closet. Instead opt for a well fitted cocktail/evening dress that shows minimal skin. That means no cleavage, back cut outs or rising too high above the knees.[/dropcap] Example: Cute Red Dress @ Macys

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Do bring out a pair of statement shoes that will be the talk of the party

Don’t wear heels so high that you’ll end up spending most of your time sitting to avoid pain

A office holiday party is a party indeed but, in reality you should still look at it as work. You still want to mingle with your coworkers, people you don’t interact with often. Don’t let the wrong pair of shoes turn you into the standoffish chick from [insert department here] that stayed to herself the whole entire party. Sensibility is the name of the game, sis.[/dropcap]

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Do opt to wear festive colors, patterns and textures

Don’t opt for colors, styles or fabrics that are impractical for a day to day

Velvet, sequins, bold red and winter white are just some of the many textures and colors that scream holiday. Definitely embrace them and leave anything left of that alone. That means no neon colors that makes you stick out like a sore thumb. Also, think twice about wearing constricting fabrics like vinyl. Have you ever tried to casually prance around in vinyl? Hint: it’s not comfortable and sometimes sweat inducing.[/dropcap]

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Do feel free to wear more makeup that you’d usually wear to the office/work

Don’t pile on so much makeup that you look unflattering and unrecognizable

Your makeup should make you look like an enhanced version of yourself not someone totally different. Nothing’s more awkward than walking up to your office neighbors and them having no idea who you are. Your makeup can be more than what you’d wear on the clock but don’t pile on so much that you look like you have on a mask.[/dropcap]

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Do find a focal point of your makeup look

Don’t do an overly exaggerated instagram-ready glam look

Makeup is all about balance and for an office holiday party this is key. Your office party is not the time to show your coworkers the skills you learned from the gram. If you plan on popping a bit of glitter on the eye, tone down the lips a bit. If you’re going for a super bold red lip, make the eyes a bit more understated. Whatever you decide to do with your makeup, make sure it’s not overwhelming.[/dropcap]

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Do opt for a matte lipstick (if you can withstand it)

Don’t wear a lipstick or gloss that is easily transferable

I know–not everyone is a matte lipstick fan but when you’re at a work party it can come in handy. You won’t be worried about your lipstick/gloss smearing, getting on others on being on your teeth while you’re trying to woo your boss. Just for the night, matte lipstick is your friend.[/dropcap]

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Do get a professional to do your makeup if it’s in your budget

Don’t attempt to do a makeup look that you haven’t taken the time to master ahead of time

Honestly, this is a last resort but definitely worth it if you have the extra coins to spare. Whether you take a trip to your nearest makeup counter or enlist a friend/makeup artist, a professional will know both what’s appropriate for the occasion and flattering for you. If you can afford it, save yourself the headache and book an appointment ASAP. Tip: Sephora  & MAC offer free makeovers if you spend $50 in products. All you have to do is book an appointment in advance![/dropcap]


Comment and share with us what you have planned for your office holiday party looks.







  • Oprahcomplex

    Great helpful tips for the holiday season ? they can be so stressful xo I love this time of year cause I can Play with festive colors and patterns.

  • Glory Fleurio

    This blog was great; normally it is such a difficult task to try and figure out what to wear. Or even how to do my make up or hair. However, this blog was such a great read with so many great points!

  • Isana Pearson

    I loved the pointers , it’s the small things that matter most. Great content and the supporting images brought everything into perspective. Looking forward to more post .

  • Jasmin

    Number 7 is great advice for a holiday party or really any event. You always want to do a test run before the big day to avoid potential disaster!

  • Trap high priestess

    So smart to get ur make up done ahead of time but I am both lazy and broke lol

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