8 Reasons to Shop at Coil Beauty: The One-Stop Shop for All Your Black-Owned Beauty Products

Are you tired of looking around different stores to find black-owned products? Coil Beauty is the latest one-stop shop for all your beauty products – designed specifically for women of color! This online beauty boutique offers a variety of Black-owned products and provides a space for women of color. Check out 8 reasons why you should start shopping at Coil Beauty today!

  1. It’s simple. It’s a one-stop shop for black-owned beauty products. The growing product selection includes some well-known brands such as The Lip Bar, Camille Rose, Mielle Organics, The Mane Choice and Lime Green. There’s even some growing black-owned companies I never heard of but instantly became interested to try.
  2. FREE SHIPPING over purchases over $50 — I don’t know about you, but I hate paying for shipping. I can spend over $100 but once I see a $7.99 charge for shipping, I cant bring myself to do it. Luckily, at Coil Beauty, you get FREE shipping for purchases over $50 — and we all know spending $50 is super easy for beauty products!
  3. Coil Beauty was created by a black woman and I must say, her story is REAL AF. Aisha Shannon Bates founded Coil Beauty because she faced her own experiences of struggling to find beauty products. Aisha’s vision of Coil Beauty is to turn the black beauty customer experience on its head. Expect bright and personal touches, expect customer engagement, and expect that we will listen and act on your feedback. YES, SIS. Aisha believes “Who better to create products for us than people who not only understand our needs, but also have those same needs themselves?”
  4. From nail polish to tinted moisturizer, they have products women of color are eager to try. They make shopping easy by creating categories for hair, skin, nails, lips, kids, and men (yes, sis, you can cop something for bae too! But only if he’s acting right!)
  5. Coil Beauty also has a blog that shares advice and stories that WOC can relate to. From black hair salon conversations, the importance of a well-placed hair oil, bold lip ideas, and securing the wig (that was the first article I read LOL)
  6.  Don’t know what hair products are the best out right now? The Coil Beauty Hair Spotlight category does a great job in showcasing top-performing products for women of color. I easily saw all my favorite hair products in this section and found new products to try!
  7. There is a  Coil Confidence program that is designed to assist young men and women with the cost of getting dressed for pivotal points in their live — from prom to job interviews Coil Beauty is here to help. Check out more about the program here!
  8. When you sign-up to be a free member online, you get EXCLUSIVE offer and deals — you know we are all about saving those coins


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  • Michelle Hockett

    wow! this looks really convenient and interesting! I never like buying all of the same product line because my hair reacts to different products !

  • Danielle Blackwell

    Yes! I’m really excited about Coil Beauty. I love WOCs !!

  • Jasmine Barnwell

    Oh wow this is actually exciting, they sold me on the free shipping . Spending a lot on products to then pay what seems outrageous in shipping. This is a relief.

  • Vivienne

    Definitely a must try . I’ve been struggling to find beauty products in my new neighborhood . Might have to check this out !

  • Nakea

    I love this concept!! It’s great to see more options being readily available for WOC, especially helpful for those living in neighborhoods where options are limited. Definitely will be looking into this!

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