Here’s The Cheat Sheet to Glowy Skin

We are officially approaching summer and with a few places opening up, the go-to look, even under your mask, is nothing but bronzed and glowy skin! Here are some quick tips to achieve that highlighted doll look

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  1. SKINCARE! SKINCARE! SKINCARE! We have been on quarantine for going on four months now and even if you have not started before, this is the perfect time to invest in your skincare routine. Let me be the one to tell you that your makeup is only as good as your skin, so invest in it. Trust me when I say I am missing my esthetician (Mischa come get me please), but it is now up to you to put in the work. One of my absolute favorite estheticians is Sean Garrette, he is the definition of doll skin and has great product recommendations. To start out, invest in a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen to start you off. Yes, I said sunscreen. Yes, even in the house. Yes, every day. Different products work differently for everyone so definitely do a bit of research to get a feel of what works for you! Or feel free to book a virtual beauty session with me and we can work a little something out.
  2. Hydrating/Illuminating Primer. I know primers are a hit or miss for a lot of people, but they do very well to give your makeup a glowing boost. Utilizing a hydrating or illuminating primer gives your skin that glow from within, healthy look underneath your foundation. Trust me when I say it makes a difference! For my oily skin fairies, please do not feel scared to use a hydrating primer, the hydration helps the level out the oiliness in your skin. To balance it all out, use a matte-finish foundation on top. You will still achieve that glowy look without having to worry about your makeup doing the electric slide down your face.
  3. Highlighters. If I have not introduced myself before, allow me to do it now. My name is Frontline Glow Fairy and I like blinding people with my highlight and long walks through Ulta! Your highlighter is definitely an important step to achieving that bronzy look and a staple in everyone’s makeup routine. When shopping for a highlighter, focus on those that compliment your undertones. For example, if you are a cool tone person with a bit of pink to your skin, rose gold and iridescent highlighters look the best on you. If you are a warm tone with golden/olive undertones, go for a yellow gold highlighter. And for my neutral tone fairies, the champagne colored highlighters were made for you! Also, highlighters that are smoother in texture lay better on the skin and do not emphasize the pores you may have on the high points of your face. Your highlighter should not look like somebody threw glitter on your face. Finding that perfect highlighter will give you that beaming, glass skin effect that will let everybody you walk past know you are a bad gyal and above anything petty this summer.

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  1. Body illuminator. Remember when I said I love highlight…well I wasn’t just talking about my face. Girl, these clavicle bones and shoulders get a little razzle dazzle too! To top off that glowy summer look, highlight the parts of your body where you plan to show a bit of skin. Body illuminizers do a great job of giving you that bronziness to hide that you have been in quarantine for months, while giving you that shimmer.

If you try out any of these tips this summer, send me all the pictures and cute boomerangs! I want to see you serving skin. For more tips on achieving that glowing skin, follow me on Instagram @frontlinefairy. Don’t be shy shoot me a DM, let’s talk makeup and skincare!

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Here’s The Cheat Sheet to Glowy Skin