10 Wellness Tips For Spring

Spring is officially here and we are slowly moving into warmer days but for now, we are tackling seasonal allergies and rainy days. With sunnier days ahead we are moving away from the seasonal depression, so it’s time to get into fresh fruits, daily walks, new routines! Here are ten tips to get you ready!

1. Spring Cleaning

That’s right clean out your closets, put away those big winter coats. Bring out the spring colors, the pastels, lavenders, blues. Deep clean your space, change your bedsheets to something cooler, change your drapes, flip your room if you can. Rearrange your space so it can feel lighter and more open! Invest in some plants to add more color to your space and really set the mood for spring. Spring cleaning also helps to declutter your space and get rid of all the things you don’t need. 


2. A New Playlist 

Music speaks to the soul, create a playlist with your favorite current hits and blast them every day. Create a playlist that you can listen to while you’re cleaning your space, a playlist while you’re working if you work from home, just good music that puts you in a good mood!


3. New Wardrobe

We love retail therapy, personally, I know I do. Shopping for new spring pieces is so therapeutic, you get to try on new pieces and discover a new style within yourself. Even checking out local thrift shops, make a day out of it. Add some colors, florals, again with the pastels to your wardrobe, and just have fun with it.


4. Daily Doses of Serotonin 

Daily walks are so important, it’s not only keeping you active but you get to enjoy outside more at a calmer pace. Go for a walk even if it’s just to get coffee, just being outside in the sun taking in that vitamin D. Try to walk to most places just to get active and enjoy nature more, the leaves are returning, trees are flourish, so enjoy that. 


5.Eat Fresh Fruits and Veggies 

Fresh fruit and vegetables are in season, so it’s the best time to check out the local farmers’ market. Take advantage of the farmer’s market and stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables, straight from the farm produce and right to your home. 


6. Be Aware of Seasonal Allergies 

Allergies are honestly the worst, I have the worst seasonal allergies I managed them by taking my medicine even if I am indoors. Unfortunately, allergies hit indoors and out. So, make sure to check in with your doctor and take your medicines. Again deep cleaning your space will definitely help with your allergies, try vacuuming your space often and leave windows close to minimize pollen.


7. Sleep Schedule/ Morning Routine 

You need your beauty sleep! Having is healthy sleep schedule is so important for your well-being, with days being longer and nights shorter, it’s important to set up a sleep schedule for yourself so your body can fully rest and have at least 8 hours of sleep. When you’re well-rested you’re able to wake up early and take on the day and rise with the sun. 

8. Reading

I personally just really got into reading, it’s such a great way to pass time and disconnect for a while. I am currently reading “The invisible life of Addie Larue” and I am loving it so far. Try to find the time for yourself and disconnect a bit, while this pass time doesn’t necessarily have to be reading, it can be a new hobby, or an old one.


9. Having a Clean/ Organized Space

Having a clean and organized helps with allergies and reduces stress ( a cluttered space can cause so much anxiety). A clean, well-organized home can actually boost endorphins in the brain, energize you and make you feel happier and more content.

10. Stay Hydrated

Drink your water sis. Staying hydrated is so important especially with warmer days, your body needs water, and of course and it makes your skin clearer.

So enjoy spring while it’s here and make the best of it! Stay safe sisters.