5 Ways To Give Yourself A Much Needed Confidence Boost

We live in a world where societal standards can sometimes make us feel less confident, and I’ve come across some amazing people who lacked confidence and constantly brought themselves down. Sometimes, a lack of self-confidence pushes us to change parts of ourselves to fit those standards, and we end up losing ourselves in the process.

Having confidence doesn’t always mean we don’t care about what people think, but we love ourselves for everything we are in spite of it. Here are five simple tips to boost your self-confidence.

Gabrielle Union saying "You Are Magic"

Drop Weak Language

There are so many phrases that can show someone’s lack of confidence, for example saying “I don’t know,” when you actually know what you want. This gives the other person authority over you when you could have simply said what you meant. Instead, try expressing your feelings by saying exactly what you want or need.

Another phrase is “I’m just,” i.e “I’m just an influencer,” or “I’m just a coach.” Instead try saying “I am an influencer,” or “I am a coach.” These phrases sound a lot more like you have faith in yourself and you trust yourself. Lastly, change your “I’ll try,” to “ I will,” or simply say what you mean.

While these sayings can vary depending on the conversation, expressing yourself clearly and asserting your answers can help you feel confident in who you are.

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Look Good, Feel Good

I know this one might sound a little shallow, but some studies show that when you look good, groomed, and dressed nicely, you instantly feel more confident. Taking care of how you look physically tricks the mind and boosts how you feel personally. When you look good, you feel good. So if buying that dress will make you feel better, buy it.

Now I am not saying to change yourself completely to try to mold yourself into society’s standards. What I’m saying is looking your best, however you define it, will make you feel more confident. I feel more confident and at my best when my hair and nails are done. So whatever changes make you feel good about yourself, make them accordingly.

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Change Your Thinking

The way you speak about yourself — internally and to others — says a lot about how you truly feel internally. When you think about yourself in a negative light, eventually you start to believe those things. Make a conscious choice to think positively and find things about yourself that you love or make you happy. You are worth it. You are confident and enough. When you start seeing yourself as beautiful as you are, your confidence grows. To do this, you need to consciously shift the way you see yourself and grow in that self-love.

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Change Your Tone

On your journey to self-confidence, pay attention to your tone! A lot of times, people can detect a lack of self-confidence by the level of shakiness or volume in your tone. When you speak in a higher, firmer tone, people perceive you as knowledgeable and confident. So next time you are having a conversation speak slightly louder and with firmness.

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Fake It Until You Make It

Now I know that sounds like the worst advice ever, but I truly mean it. While it may seem fake to act confident when you’re not, you eventually start to feel more confident if you do it long enough. This might seem strange, but just as negative thoughts trap us in negative self-image, faking confidence can help you build the quality in real life. Faking it until you make it will change the way you think and feel about yourself.

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As you find yourself and build self-confidence, fewer things will phase you. Being confident can entirely change your perspective on life, and give you back hope about your goals and dreams. To live your best life and flourish, block out all the negativity and shine.