Skin Cabinet Founder Bianca Townsend Debunks Skincare Myths and Shares Tips

There is always more to learn about skincare, and thanks to the internet, we live in a world where information is often at our fingertips. As we’ve all come to realize, not all information shared on the internet is factual. We’re unfortunately posed to playing the guessing game regarding what’s true or not about what skincare products and regimens would work best for us. 

To set the record straight on a lot of frequently asked questions in the beauty community, I called in skin specialist and the founder of Skin Cabinet, Bianca Townsend. 

Skin Cabinet is a female founded, minority owned, Missouri-based beauty brand that provides the best curated collection of skincare with an easy, fun and rewarding shopping experience. 

Keep reading to learn more about Bianca and the wealth of knowledge she had to share!

How did you get into skincare, and how did Skin Cabinet get its start?

BT: I grew up with an obsession for skincare as a young girl. I would put toothpaste on my pimples because that’s what my older cousins told me to do at that time (lol, please do not try this).

As I got older, everyone knew I had a deep passion for skincare. My friends in middle school and high school would come to me for skincare advice, what products they should try etc. I studied skincare on my own time. I bought books on the anatomy of skin, ingredients, you name it. I was fully vested into the industry. Time went on, I ended up getting my bachelors in marketing, but still felt unfulfilled. My passion was always skincare, but I wasn’t pursuing it the way my heart really desired. 

During my last semester of college, I got rear ended on campus. My car was severely damaged, and I sustained minor injuries. I filed a suit against the driver and a year later I received a settlement from the insurance company from that accident. I turned lemons into lemonade, used my savings along with funds for the settlement to fund my passion, and I opened my business which was known as Your Skincare Spot at the time, that’s where it all began.


We all can relate to having pesky pimples pop up on the most inconvenient parts of our face, at the most inconvenient times. What are the best acne spot treatment products to combat this issue?

BT: I love tackling pimples with acne patches. Anytime I have a breakout, I apply a cotton swab of salicylic acid on the pimple, let it dry. Then apply my patch and let it stay overnight. By the next day my pimple is gone. 

I swear by acne patches, my favorite patches are by Hero Cosmetics. They’re affordable and they work wonders. 

AHA and BHA products have been a trending topic for some time now. For beginners, how can we tell if exfoliants would be beneficial to incorporate into our skincare regimen? What are some common ways that exfoliants are misused?

BT: AHA & BHA products are commonly overused. And that’s the main issue we have in the skincare community. We tend to get obsessed over exfoliating that we forget how delicate our skin is, which can then cause more damage than good. 

With AHAs and BHAs, I recommend starting with a hydrating routine so your barrier can be in good shape to take on exfoliants. 

My favorite AHA is Glycolic Acid because it’s gentle and it’s good for sensitive skin. I recommend the Radiance Glow Toner for AHA beginners, because everyone/ all skin types can benefit from it. 

Double cleansing has also grown popular in the skincare community. What exactly is it, and when is it necessary to do?

BT: Funny you mention double cleansing. I’m launching a product just for this next month under our sister company, DEAY SKIN. I’ve been double cleansing for a while now, it’s something I recommend for everyone to try and incorporate. Even my boyfriend double cleanses. 

The chemistry of double cleansing is that oil attracts oils. When you use an oil-based cleansing method, you’re able to remove all traces of daily grime, sunscreen and excess oil on your skin. Water based cleansers can’t always do the job that an oil based cleanser can. It’s the first step in my nightly routine.  

What I love about oil cleansing is that it’s so gentle yet so effective. Your skin feels clean and supple when you use the right oil cleanser. If you have oily skin, an oil cleanser can help balance that out.

For our girls with oily skin, we’d like to know what causes an excess of sebum in our pores (often resulting in blackheads), and what are some products that can help keep our sebum levels balanced?

BT: Oily skin is directly linked to the overproduction of the sebaceous gland. When that gland is overworked it can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and breakouts.

A gentle approach to oily skin would be to incorporate sulfur into your routine. I recommend using a sulfur face mask 2-3 times a week. Sulfur is known to absorb excess oil.

This gentle approach will help tackle oily skin. Another approach is BHAs. BHAs are known to reduce oil production and increase cell turnover. 

More than ever, people are trying to get their skin to look bright, radiant, youthful, and glowing. What products can help us achieve that “glowing from within” look?

BT: Nothing helps you glow more than a hydrated body. It’s a free approach to overall health in general. Rule of thumb is to drink half your weight size in water. 

Overnight masks and creams are a very simple way to improve many of our skin’s problems. What is one overnight treatment that you would recommend for dry, combo, and oily skin?

BT: One of my favorite overnight masks to recommend to all skin types is the VITAL C Hydrating Overnight Masque. This mask will help you wake up to hydrated skin and all skin types benefit from hydration. 

We’re still trying to normalize wearing sunscreen in the African American community. Common myths are that it’s not necessary for our skin type, or we can’t find ones that don’t leave a white cast. What are some sunscreens you’d recommend giving a chance?

BT: I’ve heard that saying a lot. Sunscreen is a must if you don’t want your skin to crack down the line. My absolute favorite sunscreen of all time that doesn’t leave a white cast is the Black Girl Sunscreen. It goes on completely clear and it doubles as a moisturizer as well. The formulation was specifically created for melanin skin. Believe it or not, we get sunburned too and it’s something we should become in the habit of always using. I’m also interested in trying Unsun Sunscreen. It’s a black owned brand and I’ve heard good things about it. 

We are officially in the summer season, which means the proper setting sprays will be imperative to keep our makeup in place. What are some of your favorites?

BT: My favorite mist of all time is the one I created myself by my brand DEAY SKIN. that’s launching very soon and I can’t wait to share more details. Besides my own, I like using PCA SKIN hydrating toner in a spray bottle to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. 

What are three skincare myths you’re tired of hearing about within the skincare community?

BT:  That pores open and close. That’s not true! Pores can shrink in size and enlarge but they do not open, and close. I’ve also heard that oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer. That’s false. All skin types needs a moisturizer; I particularly like the Reblance moisturizer by PCA Skin for oily skin to regulate sebum production. Lastly, I’ve heard that acne skin shouldn’t use oils. This is false, there are several oils acneic skin types can benefit from including a favorite by Blume, Melt Down Acne Oil. It has black cumin seed which has antibacterial properties that can diminish zits.

It’s pretty much a known fact that “black don’t crack”. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take preventative measures to maintain our naturally youthful skin as we get older. What are some great anti-aging products that you’d recommend for brown skin?

BT: My favorite anti aging Arsenal I recommend to my colleagues is retinol. Retinol is an ingredient that benefits all skin types, and concerns. Including anti aging. Retinol can smooth texture, and help with the appearance of laugh lines most of us have. It’s a powerful ingredient.

I learned a great deal after talking to Bianca, and I’m sure you did too! Make sure to head over to to check out the latest products they have featured, and be on the lookout for Bianca’s newest line, @DEAYskin.



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