3 Unique Hair Colors That Look Great On Black Girls

Brown skin girl with straight, long hot pink hairFor so long women of color have shied away from vibrant hair colors due to European beauty standards and social norms. But we are in a new era, and women of color are embracing colors and rocking them exquisitely.

Trendy colors have become more common, and black women are killing the game. Whether you’re looking for a permanent and wildly different look, a quick change, or just a simple experiment you cannot go wrong with these hair colors.

Here are three color recommendations that complement gorgeous brown and dark complexions for you to try. 

PINK ( Hot, Pastel, Neon)

Brown skin girl with hot pink shoulder length bob

Trust me on this one!

I’ve never really liked pink until I tried this hair color, but it just works so well with our skin tone. Pink has a way of being this fierce, yet very subtle hair color. It’s not too in your face, but it also gives you that edgy, super cool girl look. There is so much power that comes with the color pink, and it signifies harmony and affection.

If you need any other reason it’s simply gorgeous. When you think of pink, you think of femininity and womanhood, and you feel as powerful as your hair. You can keep it real light with a pastel pink or go all out with hot pink. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Purple ( Regular or Lilac)

Justine Skye looking over shoulder against green foliage backdrop

Purple has always been a favorite of mine. If you’re looking for a unique color to play it safe with, purple is the one for you. It’s dark enough to look amazing with our complexion and it’s stunning. Justine Skye rocks purple year-round and it’s so badass.

You can play it safe with regular purple, or you can take it up a notch with a stunning, pastel lilac. It’s not overpowering and it brings out your feminine side too.

While lilac can be difficult to coordinate with outfits, it allows your hair to be the ultimate center of attention.

Icy Blue

Hair colors: Brown skin girl with lashes and lip gloss with an icy blue bobYes…icy blue.

This might be the wildest of the bunch and while I have yet to try this color, it’s definitely on my bucket list of hair colors!

It’s a beautiful color for the summer, but you can definitely rock it all year round. Icy blue is not your typical, safe midnight blue. It’s a very pale blue with a slight touch of aqua green.


It’s a very daring color and I think it truly complements black women’s complexion. It will definitely make you stand out in a room!

There are so many unique hair colors to experiment with––we didn’t even talk about platinum blond or orange! As women of color, we can truly rock any hue we choose, and it will complement us so well.

Why play it safe when you could stunt in these daring and adventurous colors? Let your hair be the conversation!

Hair colors: Nicki Minaj winking with bold lime green hair