Spotlight on Freya +Bailey: We Spoke to Founder Abbie Oguntade about Skincare, Stress and Secret Ingredients

We love a flawless brand that’s polished from its products to its aesthetics. Freya + Bailey, founded by Abbie Oguntade, screams finesse with every silky drop of lotion. Melanin Moi writer Krystal Davies sat with Abbie to ask some of our most burning questions regarding stress acne and the importance of a good routine. Trade secrets below!

KD: What is Freya + Bailey’s approach to skincare?

AO: We’re about holistic skincare and no, that’s not just about being vegan, natural, and organic. We are all those things, but we look at skincare as a whole in terms of physical health, and we try to nurture the skin (inside and outside) with vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, to preserve the vital barrier function of the skin. We also use therapeutic aromas to de-stress the mind as well as the skin.

When it comes to nature versus science, we don’t take sides because it’s ultimately about efficacy. We bring clinical innovations to the range and we embrace how technology offers new and effective solutions in skin radiance and health.

KD: What is the most important part of a skincare routine?

AO: For us, it’s the sum of its parts, though we advocate for a really thorough cleanse. Make sure to stay away from harsh, stripping products, and double down on hydration, whether it’s an antioxidant-rich serum or moisturizer.

Doyenne - Freya and Bailey Face Serum

KD: What are the benefits of the Oat silk grains in the Crave! Stimulating Body Scrub?

AO: Honey, it’s all about the glow and the skin love! Oat silk has an immediate brightening and mattifying effect on the skin’s color and tone, and it removes excess oil without drying out your skin. It’s also great for smoothing out lines and is particularly gentle, so it’s suitable for most skin types. Those oats aren’t just for breakfast.

KD: How much impact does stress really have on our skin?

AO: Stress has a considerable impact on our skin. Stress increases cortisol, which weakens the skin’s immune system, leading to oxidative stress that manifests as wrinkles, lines, and lackluster skin. It also increases inflammation on the body which can cause flare-ups in conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and acne. The consequences of emotional tension definitely play out physically as well as psychologically, and we see that with blemishes and breakouts during stressful periods.

I think that as people of color, our lives can be particularly stressful for a number of reasons, including the struggle for financial freedom and stability. Though we have traditionally been labeled as strong, it’s important to recognize our triggers and also seek solutions for some of the root causes.

Reboot - Freya and Bailey Face Moisturizer to fight stress acne

KD: What sort of ingredients should one look for in a product if they are experiencing stress acne?

AO: Make sure you keep your skin hydrated with an ultra-nourishing moisturizer like our REBOOT! Incredible Face Moisturiser. Stress, for instance, can suppress hyaluronic acid production which helps the skin retain moisture and also boosts collagen production. A reduction in this can lead to dryness, loss of glow, and premature aging. To prevent stress acne, feed your skin with vitamin C to fight free radicals and maintain the integrity of your skin barrier. Our go-to here is DOYENNE! The carefully balanced ingredients deliver moisture and nourishment instead of oil. This is especially key for darker tones that may have a tendency for oilier skin.

KD: What product would you recommend for a gentle but effective regimen?

AO: For a day regimen, start with a gentle cleanser like AWAKE! It’s sulfate-free, non-foaming to avoid irritation, and packed with superfoods. Avoid using too-hot water which can be harsh on your face. Before you moisturize, follow with a toner and an antioxidant serum such as CONTROL!, which is lightweight enough to combat blemishes.

In terms of face moisturizer, use one with a high concentration of vitamin A like QUENCH! This helps calm inflammation and lightens brown spots over time. For dull, aging complexions, I’d recommend FORTE! because it’s enriched with vitamins and retinol. REBOOT is a wonder for those with dehydrated skin as its ultra-moisturizing and packed with superfoods.

Awake: Freya and Bailey Cleanser

Thank you Abbie Oguntade and the Freya + Bailey team for chatting with us!