Thinking About Trying Out Rice Water? Let This Be Your Guide

Rice water has been a trending topic in the natural hair community for a while, since it hit the internet back in 2018. Many swear by it, while others are still quite skeptical. Does it really help your hair grow? Will my hair be down to my waist if I use it religiously? Well the answer is a bit complicated. While there has been no proven scientific evidence linking rice water and hair growth, I have to say as someone who hopped on the trend as well that it actually worked for me. My hair has improved significantly since including rice water into my routine. My curls are also more defined, and my hair feels healthier. The reality of it is that rice water is like any other treatment where consistency is key. You can’t expect hair to grow over night. You have to be patient and allow the treatment to work in your hair and see real results. Rice water may be the treatment you need, allow me to show you how.


How to properly incorporate rice water in your wash day routine:

Get the Rice Water Ready

STEP ONE: Grab one to two cups of plain rice (white or brown works just the same). Rinse the rice to remove dirt.

STEP TWO: Using a tight close container or a mason jar, pour rice and water into the jar. Pour until your ancestors tell you to stop.

STEP THREE: You want to leave it fermenting for a minimum of 24 hours. Maximum 48 hours, anything more than that would have a smell that your nose won’t appreciate. Then transfer the rice water into a spray bottle. You will know your rice water is ready when you can break the rice with your fingernails.


Time to Apply

STEP ONE: Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair. Then, spray rice water from roots to ends. Make sure you’re massaging your scalp as well. Twist each section, put on a shower cap and leave it in for an hour.

STEP TWO: Rinse out the rice water, followed by a deep hair masque. Leave it in for about an hour (30 minutes if you have a hooded dryer).

STEP THREE: Rinse out the conditioner and follow with your favorite style (mine are twist outs, braid outs, and bantu knots). During this step I would do the LOC method (leave in, oil, crème) and twist my hair for styling. I like to use Crème of Nature Leave In, Kreyole Essence Castor Oil, and Mielle Curling Souffle as my crème. They work really well for me and leave my hair so moisturized and defined.


Store And Reuse Properly

The rice water can be stored in the fridge for a no longer than a week, and it can be sprayed on the hair every two days. Excessive use of the rice water may harm your hair but if you follow a simple treatment plan, you will have amazing results.

Post Rice water treatment

Rice water is not for everyone but giving it a try won’t hurt, you may fall in love with it and it can become your holy grail. Each natural hair journey is so unique, and it requires trying out so many different products and regimens (such as aloe treatments, avocado treatments, egg treatments etc.) just to find out what your hair actually likes. Trying out different treatments is just part of the process.

As a type 4c hair natural I have tried so many hair regimens for growth, moisture, shine, honestly too many to count. Are you convinced yet? Will you be including rice water in your routine? Even if you never hop on the rice water trend, remember to keep your hair moisturized at all times and try to find a regimen that makes your hair grow and shine.






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  • Stasi

    I’m going to try this ASAP!! I’ve never heard of trying the rice water as a wash, and the LOC method. That picture sold me lol, her curls are beautiful!!!

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