Meet Salone Monet, the inclusive line of nude shoes that you need for the Spring

Some of the greatest inventions and innovations arise from the need to fill a void. We’ve seen this a lot in beauty from brands like Fenty that made filling the gap in complexion shade ranges priority and Mented Cosmetics that have created nude lipsticks created with women of color in mind. That’s exactly what Salone Monet set forth to do when she created her namesake luxury shoe brand. After years of loving and indulging in shoes, Salone often came across the same problem that she knew other women faced—finding nude shoes that complemented the skin tones of all women. It was clear to Salone that the “nude” shoes offered by most accessible brands were not nude for all, specifically for women of color.  Instead of searching the world to find a nude she could call her own, Salone decided that she would be the one to create a line of inclusive nude shoes so no woman would have to experience this again.

While Salone spent some time working in shoes and accessories and had a natural eye for detail, her background was not in fashion at all. Salone graduated with her degree in Communications from American University and spent years in PR working with the federal government and trade associations. Still determined to bring her luxury shoes dreams to life, Salone studied shoemaking after making a move to New York City. It was then she learned how to handcraft shoes from scratch and fell in love with everything that goes into creating a quality shoe. From manufacturing to promoting her business, Salone taught herself the ins and outs of the business and since has taken her shoe line to new heights. In addition to learning how to start making her line, Salone learned a lot of the fashion industry including the fact that it’s second to the oil/gas industry in regards to environmental waste. Looking to be inclusive in all areas of her business, Salone Monet utilizes women-owned factories throughout different areas of her business and their shoes are sustainable because they are contrary to the fast fashion complex — they offer many opportunities to wear them as a fashion utility

Whether you’re heading to brunch with the girls or have a long day ahead of you in the office, a nude shoe is timeless and always a great addition to your wardrobe—Salone Monet makes this style essential available to all women to enjoy.  The nude heels, currently available in 3 beautiful styles—Cleo (block heel with slingback), Sable (stiletto heel with slingback), and Jone (2-inch heel with slingback)—are made to order to ensure the highest quality on arrival. Staying true to her mission of creating nude shoes for all, each shoe style is offered in 6 varying shades of nude in hopes that you’ll find the perfect one for you. You may even fall in love with a few other hues. Take it from us, these shoes come in the most beautiful and unique shades of brown that are seriously hard to come across. These shoes are built to last so indulging in a couple of shades is perfectly okay.

As the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the US, black women are making history every single month of the year. I don’t know about you, but it lifts my spirit every time I scroll down my feed/timeline and stumble upon yet another black-women owned business thriving and solving problems that speak specifically to black women. Salone Monet is amongst one of the emerging brands that recognize how often black women are dismissed in product offerings. Instead of letting the cycle continue, Salone Monet is filling in the gap by offering quality for us by us.

In honor of Women’s History Month, put Salone Monet at the top of your list of women-owned businesses to support in March and all year round. Salone Monet luxury heels start at $395—the quality, on the other hand, is priceless. Visit her to check out the styles. I see a couple that I need for the spring/summer.

-Written By: Mika Robinson